Women in Physics Conference Reimbursement Process

What To Know Before you start

If you have not already done so, complete a Payee Setup Form_204

Post travel expense report form

All expenses incurred on a trip whether paid out-of-pocket or directly to a vendor must be accounted for on a completed, signed, and approved UCSC Post Travel Expense.

* Original itemized receipts for each of the following types of expenses must accompany the Post Travel Expense to substantiate each expense's necessity, appropriateness, and reasonableness.

Follow these steps if you lost a receipt.

Obtain a duplicate receipt from the vendor.

If a duplicate receipt cannot be obtained from the vendor, submit a statement with the Post Travel Expense explaining why the receipt was not provided and including a certification that the expense amount claimed is the amount actually paid to the vendor. Forward the completed and signed Post Travel Expense: (Excel | PDF), itemized receipts, and supporting documentation to Sissy Madden smadden email address